Welcome to the world of clarinet caprices(and ├ętudes, and solos, and duets, and concertos, and just about everything else there is)!

My Clarinet (minus my plastic reeds, german mouthpiece, and german barrel)

The first insane caprice I have to show is Paganini 24th Caprice

  • 100% chance to kill
  • 6/10 sightreading difficulty(some variations are very easy to read, but some are not)
  • overall 8/10 (I really like the challenge and the piece itself)

    The second caprice I have to show is Paganini's (notice a pattern here?) Moto Perpetuo

  • 15% chance to kill
  • 2/10 sightreading difficulty(breathing and just seeing tons of 16th notes)
  • overall 4/10 (I like the sound of it
  • The third piece I have to show is Antonino Pasculli's Le Api (yes, I know this is an oboe solo, but I still really enjoy it)

  • 85% chance to kill
  • 7/10 sightreading difficulty(breathing, notes, and reading many pages of solid 32nds)
  • overall 6/10 (I enjoy the piece, but it is fairly repetitive and can get a tad bit tedious to learn)